Activity Sectors

Drivers and Embedded Systems

Windows NT/2000/XP and Linux kernel driver development.

Semantix has outstanding expertise in developing high speed device drivers for Windows NT, 2000, XP and Linux. Our history of kernel-mode software development includes provisioning of native access to specific chips, implementation of protocol stacks inside hybrid NDIS/native drivers, complex state-machines responding to hardware events in less than 30μs, kernel-mode DLLs, dynamic loading/unloading without OS reboots, overlapped DMA operations (asynchronous IRP handling) and more.


Embedded Systems.

Semantix has developed real-time software for embedded systems to perform control, communications and monitoring tasks, device drivers for a variety of kernels and custom operating systems for limited-resource devices.


Systems Software.

Semantix provides services for developing software to drive electronic and electrical devices in live environments using high performance assembly language programming, helps overcome timing issues and implements interworking between different component interfaces.


Semantix has unique expertise in demanding driver development

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