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The efficient data storage, retrieval and sophisticated analysis of large quantities of data is a major concern in the information age. Companies want to be able to integrate numerous software components into comprehensive computing systems and to be able to access mission-critical data for real-time decision making. Semantix has experience in the development and implementation of advanced business intelligence solutions and in the interfacing of major applications and communication protocols.


Semantix team of skilled engineers also creates tailor-made business intelligence systems integrating the full range of the most advanced database products available today, significantly cutting time to market while creating best-of-breed solutions. Capitalizing on its software development potential Semantix can combine low level API implementations with out of-the-shelf database products offering superior solutions compared to the “development based on tool suites” approach. Thanks to this unique combination, you can seamlessly integrate e-Business applications with existing systems and safeguard your investment in legacy infrastructure.


Semantix has also the skills to develop unparalleled graphical user interfaces using our custom component library for Windows, Unix and Linux platforms.


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