Extraction Framework

The Extraction Framework (E/F) is a generic, configurable and programmable platform that allows easy production of various types of extracts from relational databases. These extracts can be fixed width ASCII files or XML files with complex hierarchical structures. The file format of the output file as well as the SQL statements which are used for the extraction of the information are specified in configuration files, thus vastly simplifying the maintenance of the system. The Extraction Framework also embeds a powerful, custom scripting language which provides the extra flexibility needed in complex hierarchically structured files where special requirements may exist. The Extraction Framework is a multithreaded application that uses database–specific, low-level API calls (e.g. OCI calls for Oracle databases) resulting in superior performance over more conventional extraction methods. The Extraction Framework has been used in telecom operators for generating the direct debit files for the bank or credit card institutions as well as for producing XML files with the bills contents that go to the print vendors.

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