Activity Sectors

Defence and Security

Signal Processing

In a rapidly evolving environment, with new, more complex, and increasingly sophisticated threats constantly appearing it has become critical for countries around the world to maintain advanced defense capabilities. Moreover, it is equally important for defense organizations worldwide to develop and maintain seamless communication systems that connect all relevant authorities - in real time, and with absolute reliability. In the more conventional battlefield, inhibiting or eavesdropping on enemy communications as part of electronic warfare operations continues to be a core contributor to force survivability.

Control Stations

Semantix has developed real time signal processing software for communications monitoring, software for intelligent signal interference operations, software to perform runtime decryption and encryption of air signals, control station software and mission planning using GIS systems.

Mission Planning 

Semantix has also experience in cutting-edge mobile data subsystems, advanced message switching systems, as well as computer-aided dispatch, call centers and CTI.


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