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K. Tsaldari 62, Poligono 11476, Athens, Greece

How to get there

How to drive if you are coming from Kifissias Av.

  1. Driving on Kifissias Av. heading towards Athens or Kifissia.

  2. Depending on whether you are heading towards Athens or towards Kifissia you will need to make a right or left turn respectively at the traffic lights on the junction with the start of Katechaki St. (this is where the Israeli embassy is located). This means that in either case you should get off the main Kifissias Av. which passes underground at that point. The idea is that you should take the road which starts from the left side of the Israeli embassy (this is the Mouson St. which can be considered the extension of the Katechaki St. on the other side of Kifisias Av.). The road is ascending markedly.

  3. About 50 meters after the Israeli embassy you will pass a hospital to your left and about another 50 meters you will pass a school to your right.

  4. Shortly after that the road reaches a fork. Right branch leads to Psychiko. Left branch to Polygono. Take the left branch.

  5. You are now on the Polygono ring road ("perifereiakos Polygonou") which is part of the Turkovunia ring road ("perifereiakos Turkovunion"). Follow that road for approximately 2000 meters during which the road assumes a mostly level right circular track. Note that the road at the beginning is named "Perikkou St." and after some point "Vrilisou St.".

  6. After approximately 2000 meters the road markedly descends towards a T-junction with Constantinou Tsaldari Av. (not to be confused with Panagi Tsaldari Av.). Turn left at that junction and into Constantinou Tsaldari Av.

  7. The road is descending steeply for about 200 meters and then makes a right turn while still maintaining a steep descend. Semantix is located at exactly that point at the other side of the road. If you want to pass across the other side of the road there is an opening about 20 meters after that turn where you can make a left or U-turn.

  8. See "How to park".


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How to drive if you are coming from Patision Av.

  1. Driving on Pathsion Av. away from Omonoia and towards Kypseli

  2. Follow Pathsion St. and pass after the T-junction with Alexandras Av.

  3. At about 200 meters after that junction the Athens University of Economics and Business is located (A.S.O.E.E.)

  4. Pass the university and turn immediately right (there is a pedestrian traffic light at that point).

  5. You are now on Derigny St. which is only about 50 meters long after that point.

  6. At the end of that road you may only turn left. Turn left. The name of that road does not appear on most maps.

  7. Maneuver your car towards the right side of that road as at approximately 100 meters you will need to turn right at the traffic lights.

  8. Turn right into the Evelpidon St. at the traffic lights.

  9. Continue on that road and pass the Court buildings on your right ("dikastiria Evelpidon"). Note that after some point the road is named "Prigkiponison St."

  10. At about 1000 meters after the courts there is a T-junction with the Constantinou Tsaldari Av. with traffic lights and a theatre to your right. Turn left and into Constantinou Tsaldari Av.

  11. Follow the steeply ascending road for about 500 meters until the road makes a sharp left turn.

  12. Semantix is located at exactly that point but you will not be able to park there.

  13. See "How to park".

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How to park
You will not be able to find a place to park directly on Tsaldari St. but you will be able to find a spot if you look at the roads one or two blocks inside of either bank of the Tsaldari St. The road which is one block inside of Semantix's bank of the Tsaldari St. will typically have a number of empty lots.

The building
The building is a narrow, 6-stories office building with chracteristic circular windows on the 5th and 6th floors (one on each floor). The building is painted beige. Semantix is located on the 3rd, 5th and 6th floors. Press the 6th floor's button.

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