Company Profile

Semantix specializes in billing, charging and rating systems. Since its inception it has played a pivotal role in a number of strategic telecommunication projects. Semantix has extensive know-how of a telecom operator’s business model, its provisioning, charging, billing, roaming and customer care mechanisms coupled with deep experience on software development for such applications and a suite of products / solutions / software components for these businesses.

Semantix provides software services and solutions to other fields as well.


Design and Development of Software Applications.

Semantix provides in-depth services, working together with customers to identify needs and solution options; it then plans and implements projects which respond to its customer's current and evolving requirements, operating environment and financial resources.


Project Development

Semantix projects are carried out in the fields of engineering, telecommunications, defense systems, computer science and information systems. In each area, Semantix can provide a turnkey solution or take responsibility for specified project phases. With customer satisfaction the ultimate goal, each project is carried out in close cooperation with the client, ensuring a cost-effective, optimized solution.


Systems Integration

With a development team of software engineers in possession of cutting-edge expertise in their specialized domains, Semantix offers a complete solution, during all phases of the life cycle of the project, from concept, discussion of initial ideas through to design, development, integration, and continuing support.

Our mission is to offer our clients robust and high quality custom solutions as well as a reliable alternative to in-house resources for software development.



Our primary goal is to exceed client expectations with technical and service quality of the highest value, through consistent collaboration, responsiveness to variant needs and cost effectiveness.

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