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Protocol Mediation

The proliferation of TAP versions is a problem facing every GSM operator. The TAP Protocol Converter is a modular and open component that is capable of interfacing with all GSM specified TAP formats, converting CDR files between these formats, and optionally, converting CDR data to a normalized output format, and then distributing it to third-party applications such as billing or fraud management systems. The TAP Protocol Converter

þ  Can receive and process roamer billing records in various formats (TAP1, TAP2, TAP2+, TAP3.1, TAP3.2, TAP3.3, TAP3.4, TAP3.9 and TAP3.10)

þ    Can convert between TAP versions

þ   Enables full customization of the conversion process on a per roaming agreement basis (i.e. different custom settings applicable for each roaming partner)

Technologies involved: C++, ASN.1, BER decoding

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