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Rating & Billing

In the past, billing systems were used solely for the management of customer Billing. Today, they are considered critical tools for Marketing as well as Customer Acquisition, Customer Care & Retention, and for the implementation of New Business Models. 

Semantix has a skilled team of experts that can develop customizable, scalable and low-cost rating and billing solutions for network operators, ISPs, content providers and other businesses in a variety of industry sectors.

Real-Time Mediation

Semantix has developed mediation devices, components for the processing of roaming subscribers data (according to the latest GSM Transferred Account Procedure and Rejects and Returns Process) and an exceptionally flexible, high performance, script-based re-pricing and re-rating engine for ASN.1 based TAP files.

Network-Centric Software

Semantix can implement network services, service management software or develop protocols stacks for a variety of telecommunication architectures and platforms like GSM, Intelligent Networks and VoIP. Moreover, we have experience in developing service creation environments for Intelligent Network services or implementing such services directly on top of network elements like Service Switching and Control Points


We also provide custom development solutions at very competitive prices.

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