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Roaming Management Solution

A high-performance, high-availability system that enables GSM network operators to exchange billing and roaming data in different formats. It carries out a set of critical operations such as Fraud Control, TAP File Validation, Financial Clearing and Data Communication. The system accepts all TAP versions specified by the GSM association, performs more than 300 different validations per record, and automatically issues reports and alarms faxing and emailing them to the interested parties. The system also generates and receives RAP files in accordance to the GSM-specified Rejects and Returns Process.

The system consists of more than one million lines of C++ code.

Technologies involved:

For Microsoft platforms version:  Visual Studio .NET (C++, C#) , MS SQL, Crystal Reposts

For Unix platforms version: C++, Oracle 9i, HP-UX, Java, Oracle 9iAS, Oracle Forms & Reports, ASN.1, BER decoding/encoding.


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Quick Payback – few months.

Billing and rating system independent.

Complete Roaming Agreement Management.

Complete communication & fraud alerting subsystem.

 ØCompany Profile ØBilling and Rating ØMediation and Roaming ØDrivers and systems software ØDefence and security