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Semantix Taxinomia™

Κυριακή, 4 Ιουνίου 2006

Taxinomia™ is a document and digital assets management platform. Entities (documents in a broad sense) that can be organized in Taxinomia™ comprise almost everything that has either a tangible (books, painting, manuscripts, archaeological objects or museum content) or an electronic (files, multimedia content) representation. The ability to document and organize a diverse set of entities stems directly from the fact that Taxinomia™'s ontological model is fully configurable allowing even end-users to define the metamodel that is used to describe an installation's entities and their relationships. This configuration is done through an intuitive GUI and is internally maintained and operated upon in XML. Taxinomia™ entities can be accompanied by one or more digital assets in any multimedia form that describe the entity or parts of it. E.g., such digital assets can be the scanned pages of a book (OCR-ed or not) or manuscript, electronic documents and files, photos of museum exhibits, video segments of archaeological sites or, practically, any other type of multimedia file.

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